What Happens Before Your Kilimanjaro Climb?

Events before climbing Kilimanjaro

If I’m flying to Nairobi, how do I reach Arusha and Team Kilimanjaro?

If unable to find affordable flights to Kilimanjaro International Airport an alternative is that you fly to Nairobi, spend the night at a hotel there and transfer to Arusha via a six hour bus journey, crossing the border at Namanga. You’ll need a Kenyan tourist visa for this option which you can purchase at Nairobi airport when you arrive.

If flying in to Nairobi you will need to take the Shuttle Bus across the border to Arusha, which effectively uses up an additional day and may require a night at a hotel in Nairobi. Further information about flights and shuttles is offered on Riverside Shuttle's website. A reliable and centrally situated hotel that is very conveniently located for pickup by the Shuttle Bus service to Arusha is the Best Western Meridian Hotel, just 350 metres from the north side of Jevanjee Gardens, from where the Riverside Shuttle departs outside Parkside Hotel:

There are two Shuttle Bus departures from Nairobi daily, leaving at 0800 (still operating) and 1400 (not operating during COVID), but the Riverside company asks passengers to be there at 0700 and 1300 respectively. The route this shuttle takes enters Tanzania at Namanga border where it is necessary to show or purchase an entry visa for Tanzania and to show a Yellow Fever Certificate of Vaccination.

If you have a conscientious objection to being compelled to being injected with substances on trust, most officials will allow you (unofficially) to purchase a certificate without actually receiving the injection. You can then arrange, at your own risk, to be injected at a time and place that's comfortable to you - should you wish to be vaccinated, and this purchased certificate will suffice to satisfy all future bureaucrats at borders throughout East Africa.

To book this shuttle, you can either use Riverside’s online facility or request us to book this on your behalf. If you wish us to book this we will need to know your movements and timings immediately prior to your proposed shuttle departure.

Do you have a contract for me to sign when I arrive in Moshi?

We don’t operate out of Moshi, but when we collect you we ask you to sign a declaration and conditions of participation. Let us know if you wish us to email this to you.

Do you check client's items the night before to ensure they are well equipped?

Not if their flight comes in at 2045 with KLM, which is very often the case with people being so busy these days and barely squeezing in a climb between their flights, as this means that they will generally get through Immigration at 2120 and reach their hotel at 2200 – 2230, depending on whether there have been any delays arriving at JRO.

But where a climber reaches Arusha with enough time to afford a kit check our standard operating procedure is to meet them at their hotel at 1800 on the evening immediately preceding their climb. The guide then delivers a short brief, all hired gear, and checks the climber’s own gear for suitability. Any deficiencies are then resolved overnight and it is hoped that by 0730 when we collect the climber everything is squared away and we can proceed to the hill without delays.

Are you able to advise where I can hire a good quality down jacket?

Yes, from us! Please use the Team Kilimanjaro equipment hire request form.

Am I able to leave excess luggage at your hotel before and after the trek?

Any of the hotels that we would book on your behalf are happy to look after your luggage while you are on the mountain. They all have lock-rooms and internal safes for small items of especial value.

This safari itinerary is recommended from November to April when we expect the migration to be in the south.


If you want to make a significant, positive contribution towards cleaning up Kilimanjaro and help us return its ecology to a pristine wilderness environment, please make use of the following payment facility:

Frank John Fund
Tuesday, April 26th 2022

Following Frank John's sad passing away in March 2022, some former climbers requested the opportunity to contribute towards helping Frank's surviving wife, Clara, cover the costs for the family.

Help Bring Clean Water to the Maasai
Tuesday, December 21st 2021

Several years ago, Team Kilimanjaro were approached by representatives of the Maasai community that live close to the Lake Natron region of northern Tanzania, with a request to assist villagers in obtaining clean water.

CAFU 1301
November 2021

16th May 2022: Arrive in Kathmandu - Caroline, Jake and Meaghan

Help Us Fight Rhino Poaching
Wednesday, October 20th 2021

It is estimated that since the turn of the previous century, the world has lost more than 99% of its rhino population, and that today (figure updated on 15th January 2024), only 24,431 of these majestic creatures survive. (See more details on poaching and species numbers at the World Animal Foundation's website.)

VIP Series Comparison
Thursday, September 23rd 2021

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Wilderness First Aid Basics
Thursday, September 23rd 2021

Wilderness first aid is the knowledge and ability to effectively address injuries, illnesses, or emergencies outside of modern facilities, out in the wild. Skills include knowing how to dress a wound, treat a burn or bite, or set an injured limb. These are important skills that can save your life or the lives of other outdoor enthusiasts. Learn more and be better prepared for your next hiking or backpacking adventure.


Many people spend a lot of time and money training and equipping themselves for a Kilimanjaro climb, only to fail in their objective of reaching the summit. Failure is avoidable and we really want trekkers to understand how to prevent it.


As from March 2021, PCR testing (or rather, sample-taking) is now available at Seronera and Ndutu airstrips in the Serengeti. This facility has been implemented to prevent clients having to either curtail their safaris or dissect their safaris with a journey to Arusha or, more recently, Karatu (FAME Hospital), mid-safari - so as to satisfy the "less than 72 hours old" validity rule that most airlines are required to enforce. 

Arusha Cycling Club
Wednesday, January 20th 2021

Arusha Pedal Series club aims to organise a group ride three times a week - on Mondays, Wednesdays or Thursdays, and Saturdays. All keen cyclists are welcome to join.

Dangerous to climb Kilimanjaro?
Friday, January 1st 2021

We read widely divergent estimates of deaths on Kilimanjaro, but how dangerous is it really? In this post we share our own experience of the dangers.