COVID-19 in Tanzania

Climbing Kilimanjaro During COVID

First of all - you can definitely still climb Kilimanjaro during COVID-19! There is absolutely no impediment within Tanzania. Issues only potentially arise with your own country's rules.

The Tanzanian government became aware of the threat to the economy posed by COVID-19 - especially in terms of potential losses to tourism revenues - quite quickly. By June they had identified the primary areas of risk of transmission and had formulated standard operating procedures for the tourism industry.

Prospective climbers who would like to learn more about these procedures should please visit this link: Tanzania National Parks' COVID-19 Health and Safety Standard Operating Procedures.

Additionally, they created suggested handling procedures specific to Kilimanjaro, and scheduled training courses for all licensed guides. To see a PowerPoint presentation of these procedures, please visit this link: Kilimanjaro National Park Handling Procedures of Tourists During the Outbreak of Corona Virus (COVID-19).

Tanzania Parks Authority Response to COVID-19

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Cancelling Your Plans Because of COVID-19

We have found that many climbers are nervous about securing their climb and safari arrangements because of the uncertainties associated with possible future surges in their country and the effect that these may have on travel restrictions.

To address these concerns, we have implemented two measures:

1. Revised COVID-19-Specific Terms and Conditions

Rather than simply applying our usual cancellation terms, we have supplemented these terms with new terms that will apply until such time as there is consensus that COVID-19 ceases to be a pandemic. You can download our Revised COVID-19 Terms here

These terms essentially mean that if a client cannot attend an event they have secured because of changes to travel restrictions as a result of government response to COVID-19, any monies paid and subsequently disbursed by Team Kilimanjaro to third parties, will be credited towards any future alternative bookings with Team Kilimanjaro and the same third parties, at any time within the ensuing 14 months following the originally intended dates of travel.

Team Kilimanjaro will under no circumstances initiate a cancellation of any booking, except in the event that the Tanzanian government legislates to prohibit the delivery of such a service. However, on the basis of the nature of Tanzania's stoic response to COVID-19 to date, this eventuality is deemed extremely unlikely. Return of any paid funds would not occur, except in the extremely unlikely event of Team Kilimanjaro initiating a cancellation of any booking - something we have never had to do to date, since beginning operations in 2004.

2. Revised Payment Deadline Policy

Prior to COVID-19 we were required to receive the final balance of outstanding funds due 45 days prior to the event start date. We have recently updated our payment service providers to allow payments on the latest day possible, being:

  • 28 days prior to the event start date for card payment
    • 14 days prior to the event start date for bank transfers

      Note that with small groups, or where an additional client joins an event that has already been paid for in full, there may on occasion be some flexibility on these deadlines. More detail on payment procedure is available here.

      Getting a Negative PCR COVID Test Result Prior to Travel

      Tanzania does not require travellers to provide a negative PCR test result in order to visit the country. However, many visitors will be required by their own countries to provide such a document prior to boarding their flight home. This is a simple matter to arrange, both for clients ending their visit to Tanzania after a climb or safari, or for those travelling to Zanzibar before returning home. Please visit these links for further advice on obtaining a PCR test certificate:

      As from March 2021, PCR testing (or rather, sample-taking) is now available at Seronera and Ndutu airstrips in the Serengeti. This facility has been implemented to prevent clients having to either curtail their safaris or dissect their safaris with a journey to Arusha or, more recently, Karatu (FAME Hospital), mid-safari - so as to satisfy the "less than 72 hours old" validity rule that most airlines are required to enforce. 

      How to Get a PCR Test in Zanzibar
      Thursday, December 3rd 2020

      Although there is no requirement to have a PCR test for COVID in order to enter Tanzania, many climbers are nonetheless required by their airline to show evidence of a negative COVID test before boarding the flight home.

      How to Get a PCR Test in Arusha
      Wednesday, November 4th 2020

      This following information is provided to reassure prospective climbers that there is a straightforward way to enjoy the incredible tourism and adventurous opportunities that Tanzania offers, while ensuring that returning home afterwards is stress-free.