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Rivertrees Country Inn

A perfectly relaxing place for reflecting and recharging pre- and post- climbing / safari tours of Africa, with great food and a variety of diversions on offer, including a spa, town and coffee plantation tours, Usa river walks and canoeing trips, bicycle tours through the countryside.

Rooms at Rivertrees

The Colonial style rooms are soon to be expanding from 14 to 20-23, and each is furnished in a unique style, with four poster beds draped with mosquito nets and brand new sprung mattresses. Mesh screens covering the windows also help to keep the rooms mosquito-free. There are power-points for recharging mobiles and cameras, and there are hair-dryers in each of the rooms.  Each room is supplied with a small torch to assist guests’ navigation from their room to the restaurant or other areas of the hotel. The peaceful atmosphere of the rooms is undisturbed by telephones; the duty manager can be found at the restaurant until 12.  If there are any emergencies, each room is supplied with a panic button that alerts the duty manager as well as an external security company.

Bathrooms at Rivertrees

The large and cool bathrooms have both baths and showers; some of the bathrooms have outside showers. All of the bathrooms are supplied with towels, toiletries, copious hot water and electrical sockets.

Rivertrees’ Restaurant

Rivertrees’ vegetable garden supplies the ingredients for the predominantly western menu backed by an extensive wine list, which reflects the 3* Michelin chef’s training in Lausanne, Switzerland.  The 3-course lunch menu and 4-course dinner menu are supported by a bistro and a snack menu with vegetarian options that are available all day; the wood-fired pizza is particularly good. Reserving al fresco dining is recommended as spaces are limited.

Facilities at Rivertrees

Wi-Fi is available free of charge in the public areas including the River Deck with its views of the tranquil Usa River; complimentary use of a laptop is also offered. Mobile phone signal can be a little low here if you are on roaming. There is a naturally heated pool, and a generator provides power 24/7. Disabled access is provided to a number of rooms as well as the communal areas. The massage and spa offers a full body Swedish massage followed by a soak in a large custom-designed hip bath.

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