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Preparation for Kilimanjaro

In our experience, the vast majority of prospective Kilimanjaro climbers would benefit from undertaking a well planned strategy of preparation before beginning an ascent of the world’s largest freestanding mountain.

The following are areas you are well advised to pay attention to:

Equipment needed for climbing Kilimanjaro

A recommended Kilimanjaro kit list

Kilimanjaro physical requirements and training ideas

Why you are advised to train for Kilimanjaro

How to get started on your Kilimanjaro training

Calculating your body’s current cardiovascular efficiency by inputting beep test score

Recommended health requirements for climbing Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro pre-travel administration

Vaccinations for Kilimanjaro climbers

Flights to Kilimanjaro Airport, or alternative methods of approach

Visas for Kilimanjaro climbers

Additional considerations - frequently asked questions relating to climbing Kilimanjaro

Frequently Asked Questions for Kilimanjaro climbers - overview of questions

Becoming acquainted with with mountain; Kilimanjaro Mapping

Broader research on trip planning, training and preparations for your expedition

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