Climbing Kilimanjaro Team Kilimanjaro on Twitter Team Kilimanjaro on Facebook View Live Photo Reports Direct from Kilimanjaro Team Kilimanjaro on Google Plus Watching Deo Shayo inside a Gamow bag while the pressure is increased. Deo is holding a barometer to the transparent plastic pane, so that we can monitor pressure and control the increase carefully. This is a training exercise Venance and Vincent monitoring Deo Shayo while he breathes through an expired pressure retention mask. This is a training exercise Venance simulating a response to cardiac arrest, using a portable defibrillator Megan at Barafu. A pulse oximeter is of limited use on Kilimanjaro. Experienced guides don't need one, and inexperienced users don't usually understand the significance of their readings. The emergency supplemental oxygen systems that we use are also supplied to the US State Department.