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Rashid leading the mapping climb of Kilimanjaro with the 'Climbing Map' team from Switzerland Sandra Greulich with Rashid, while mapping Kilimanjaro's Reusch Ash Pit

Kilimanjaro Map

In February 2007, Sandra Greulich of the Swiss Office of Topography (Creators of the Brad Washburn National Geographic Map of Mount Everest) and Sacha Wettstein (IFMGA) joined Team Kilimanjaro on our new TK Rongai Route to complete their ground surveys and final GPS data capture for what we now believe to be without doubt the best topographical map of Kilimanjaro available.

To view samples of this beautiful map click here.

Those wishing to purchase this map can do so here:

Climbers wishing to familiarise themselves with the locations of Kilimanjaro camps, Arusha hotels, safari venues, Zanzibar, airports, TKBase, etc are invited to view our interactive GoogleMap.

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