Correctly known as Machweo Retreat and Fine Dining, this is the Onsea brand’s most recent edition to their beautiful concept. Since both Machweo and Onsea House are run by the same team, differentiating between the two facilities is not really necessary, since guests will be allocated to rooms at either house, depending on what is available on the dates requested, or what best suits the group’s dynamics.

Guests who stay at ‘Onsea’ are served their meals at Machweo, and will usually make use of Machweo’s swimming pool, large-screen TV area and bar. Welcome spa and relaxation services such as massages, manicures, pedicures, sauna and steam room sessions, are conducted at Machweo.

Machweo is a huge asset and a boost to what in our estimation was already the best upgrade option for our climbers anywhere near Arusha. The additional rooms that the new house now features mean that we now have far fewer concerns with obtaining availability for our climbers. That said, the Onsea-Machweo assembly remains an intimate guesthouse nonetheless, which we believe will only continue to increase in popularity. Bookings for Onsea / Machweo are therefore advised to be as far ahead of your proposed climb as possible.