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Pre-scheduled climb dates for climbing Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru

Below are our pre-scheduled climbs which you are invited to join, where availability allows.

If the dates below are not convenient for you please propose your own dates and we will arrange a climb specifically to suit you. We are able to organise a climb for you on any day of the year, and there is no minimum group size for this option.

Once you have secured your climb by paying the non-refundable deposit, we will subsequently publish your chosen dates for others to join, unless you specifically request to comprise your own private party.

While cost is determined by the number of fellow climbers (including yourself) on behalf of which you are booking, and not necessarily the total number of climbers that you will finally climb with (unless your request a private party climb), the only exception to this rule is in the case of single booking climbers, who are encouraged to join a group if possible as we are able to invoice single booking climbers who join pre-scheduled climbs on the basis of a 2-persons booking, regardless of how many other climbers are already booked onto that climb. In such cases they will therefore avoid the relatively high costs associated with a solo climb.  

Choosing your own dates does not affect price and is a very usual request. This list is regularly updated so please re-visit this page often if you’re hoping for a specific date to join and do not necessarily wish to open your own climb dates.

As eight climbers is our recommended maximum group size, except by special arrangement, the number of climbers who are already booked onto any of the below climbs is obtained by subtracting the number of places still available, from 8.

Your inward flight should arrive the day before the date in the left column or earlier, and your outward flight should depart the day after the date in the second column or later. Many climbers will add a safari with us after their climb. Please bear this in mind when planning your flights.  The route number refers to the number of days spent on the mountain and does not include days spent in Arusha.

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