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The Bay Leaf Hotel, Arusha

The Bay Leaf is a wonderfully refreshing boutique hotel that does not try to emulate African décor, but provides refined luxury, and has been compared with the Marriot San Jose in Costa Rica, the Jungfrau in Interlaken, Soho Hotel in New York, St Martins Lane Hotel in London and the Shangri-La in Kowloon. The needs of guests are given complete attention, and you are made to feel like you are the only guest. The hotel is located on a quiet leafy road and has been converted from a large private residence with secluded, gated grounds, with a family of monkeys in residence.  Polite, charming and helpful staff whose attention to detail is memorable maintain a security presence at all times.

The only complaint is that tips can only be accepted as cash, which is a common experience in Tanzania.

Rooms at The Bay Leaf

Each of the five rooms has different themes, and the generously-proportioned suites have luxurious spa-like facilities with large baths and roomy showers, which are a delight to return to at the end of a safari or climb as they are fully-stocked with a wide range of designer toiletries. The comfortable beds have generous linens, and the rooms have air-conditioning or rugged screens on the windows.  The outdoor terraces are comfortable and private, and room service each morning is a welcome treat.

The Bay Leaf Restaurant

The covered seating area for the restaurant provides a good counterpoint for the delicious food. Guests have described the breakfasts as ‘delectable’ and the dinner menu as ‘first-class’.

Facilities at The Bay Leaf Hotel

Rapid laundry services, message services, consistent hot water, electricity and Wi-Fi; the hotel offers the facilities of a large hotel with the customized service and friendliness only found with a small establishment.  The hotel doesn’t have a pool, but the construction of one is planned in the near future. Its secluded location means that there a very few noises to disturb your rest.

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