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Arumeru River Lodge

Arumeru River Lodge was previously a 12-acre coffee plantation, and is a well-run establishment with good service that is able to cater for large groups. The friendly German couple who own the Lodge co-operate with the nearby fair-trade Duluti Coffee Plantation, and also pay the salary of a ranger who monitors the protected rainforest. The lodge is located approximately halfway between JRO airport for Kilimanjaro and Arusha. Its relatively rural location means that it is quiet and safe, but a trip into Arusha can take around 45mins.

Rooms at Arumeru

The rooms are clean, functional, comfortable and spacious, with sprung-mattress beds shrouded by mosquito nets. Rooms at the far end of the property are less disturbed by late arriving/early departing guests, and all of the rooms enjoy the sounds of the nearby rainforest. There are plenty of power-points, with adaptors provided, and telephones enable you to contact reception directly. The attic bedrooms of the family suites are cooled by air-conditioning, and the living rooms have open fires and a kitchenette.

Bathrooms at Arumeru River Lodge

The bathrooms are heated by solar panels topped up by electricity if the cloud cover is high. There are showers throughout, and the family suites also have corner bathtubs and overhead showers. Toiletries, towels and shaver points are provided.

Arumeru’s Restaurant

The silver service restaurant with open fire serves dinner until twelve, or later by arrangement. Room service stops one hour after the last guest has retired, and they offer a good buffet breakfast with omelettes. The restaurant is supplied by Arumeru’s home-grown fruit and vegetables, and their well-stocked bar has views of Kilimanjaro at sunrise and sunset.

Facilities at Arumeru River Lodge

The botanical gardens have numerous Box trees that are natural mosquito repellants, the fish ponds attract a variety of birdlife, including cranes and kingfishers; a birdwatchers paradise.  The al fresco dining with Dik-diks and rare vulturine guinea-fowls with a view of Kilimanjaro is a unique experience.  The pool is filled with solar-heated mountain spring water, and is cleaned without chemicals via ultra-filtration and UV treatment, and the loungers come with towels prepared by the pool attendant. The property is very wheelchair-friendly with well-lit stone paths. Wi-Fi and computer access is charged at a flat rate of 5USD per stay. They have a small gift shop, and high security fences give peace of mind.  They organize walking tours of the rainforest, Duluti Coffee Plantation and the nearby villages.

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