Cost of Climbing Kilimanjaro?

Team Kilimanjaro has four different support levels and graduated costs based on group size. And if you need something really cheap we can connect you with a reliable budget operation, so there’s no need to look any further.
Climb Prices

How to Choose the Best Kilimanjaro Route

Want the best acclimatisation, best summit chances and the least crowding? Team Kilimanjaro has unique solutions to find you the best Kilimanjaro route possible.
Choose Your Route

Deciding When to Climb?

Looking for a snowy summit? Want clear skies and hoping for the best weather? We’ll explain how our climbers decide when to climb Kilimanjaro.
Choose Your Dates

Coming to Kilimanjaro on Your Own?

We’ll help you link up with other climbers and tell you how to keep your costs as low as possible.
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Concerned About Mountain Safety?

We dispel the myths and explain what’s important in terms of ensuring that you reach the summit in optimum safety.
Safety Information

Starting Your Kilimanjaro Training

Find out how to assess your current fitness level and what you need to do to get fit enough to climb Kilimanjaro in comfort.
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Buying Your Kit for Kilimanjaro

We’ll tell you what you need and help you save costs and baggage space on your flights with our high quality equipment rentals.
Kilimanjaro Kit
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Live Climber Reports

TK has pioneered live reporting from the mountain. See how your friends are getting on with their climb with live photos direct from the mountain.

Track a Climber on Kili

Track a friend or relative on their trek with our Google Map. Watch their progress as they ascend Kilimanjaro.

Kilimanjaro Weather

Be prepared. Keep an eye on Kilimanjaro’s weather before you fly out.

Save Money on Your Climb

Save money on your climb. Solo climbers can join existing climbs and qualify for the 2-person booking rate.

Connect with Other Climbers

Join a group. Qualify for lower fees and build relationships ahead of your expedition.

Competitive Prices

Benefit from our competitive prices, incrementally graduated by group size to give you the lowest possible rates.
highly recommended… comes at Kilimanjaro from a whole different angle… Reliable, reasonably priced and delightfully obsessed about the mountain…  Overall a great little company and well worth checking out. Henry Stedman

Guidebook Author, Kilimanjaro, The Trekking Guide to Africa’s Highest Mountain

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What Makes Team Kilimanjaro So Unique?

Our ethos, operational procedures, recruitment and training methods are different to those of every other operator on Kilimanjaro.

Unique Routes

Not content with Kilimanjaro’s standard six official routes – which we feel do not promote adequate acclimatisation – we’ve designed our own unique variants that have the best summit prospects and least crowding. Ask us to tell you more about them.

Accurate Reporting

Uniquely, the majority of our mountain guides are equipped with smart phones which enable them to take photos of climbers and post them directly to our blog and Facebook page. So, friends and family can relax at home, knowing climbers are in safe hands.

Physical Conditioning

Team Kilimanjaro’s methods ensure that their climbers arrive in position to assault the summit, having enjoyed the best possible levels of hydration, nutrition and rest, and all while avoiding unnecessarily expensive and prolonged exposure to high altitude.

Kilimanjaro Route Options

Different Support Levels

Days We Climb Each Year

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